Workforce Overview

Franklin County has a strong hardworking workforce.  We draw from a 10 county region, including the KC Metro, with a population of over 175,000.  The median age in Franklin county is 35 years of age with a median household income of just over $55,000 per year.  The median home value in Franklin County is $125,600.  So, our cost of living is low in this region.  In addition we are a Right to Work State.

Our workforce is educated and hardworking.  97% of the Franklin County Population has a high school diploma.  82% have some college education.

Custom Training and Ongoing Education are easily available in our community.  The City of Ottawa is home to Ottawa University, a four year liberal arts university, and Neosho County Community College which provides undergraduate programs and can design training for specific industry needs.  Franklin County is home to four public school districts that also provide technical training for their students.  We also work closely with the Kansas Department of Commerce who provide training incentives from a tax perspective.

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