Quality of Life

Every location promotes their quality of life. However, Franklin County is truly a great place to call home.  This is an area that promotes economic growth both from government and the community at large.  It is a business friendly environment.  In addition, there are a number of ways one can find entertainment that meets their lifestyle.

Franklin County has numerous festivals and events throughout the year.  One of the largest is the annual Marias des Cygnes Car Show.  This event each fall brings thousands of people to Ottawa.  Hundreds of antique cars are on display.  This is only one of many festivals and events throughout Franklin County that provide family entertainment.

If you like outdoor entertainment we have bike trails, lakes, parks, and swimming available for the family.  Ottawa is the intersection for two rail trails that can take you north and south or east and west across the county and the state.  We host several rail trail events every year as well.

If you like music the memorial auditorium in Ottawa provides a variety of musical programs of all types throughout the year.  They even host their own talent show that has become a draw from around the country.  They also host outdoor movie nights.

Basically, if you can think of it, you can find it in Franklin County.  Not only are there a number of things to do here, you are close to the Kansas City metro and Lawrence.  These communities provide a number of activities and opportunities for entertainment and are only a few minutes drive away.

If Education is important to you, Franklin County is a great choice to call home.  We have four public school districts in the county.  In addition, Ottawa is home to Ottawa University (A four year liberal arts college) and Neosho County Community College's Ottawa branch.  In addition, you are only 20 minutes away from the University of Kansas.

You will also find good health and safety in Franklin County.  Advent Health operates the hospital in Ottawa, and has the resources of a national healthcare provider.  Your family will also live in a safe and secure community.  Crime is not a concern when you live in Franklin County.

We like to say, "It is a Great Day to LIve in Franklin County!"

Quality Of Life - Ottawa